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  Carbonless book construction

Carbonless books or NCR (no carbon required) books or Carbon copy books help transfer information within your business. Transactions can be recorded and pages can be distributed as well as keeping a permanent record copy inside the books.

Our Carbonless Book product line includes a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Our custom carbonless pads are constructed by inserting snap-out style forms into a scored wrap around cover and stitching (stapled) to form a book. When using the cover is inserted between the sets of forms so that they will not image on to form below the one being written on. This product is ideal for carbonless invoice books, order forms, receipts, maintenance logs, driver logs, delivery receipts, and custom sales books.

Carbonless book construction video.


How does carbonless paper work? 

Carbonless papers have been treated with chemicals that react when written on.The chemical on the back of the first sheet is different than the chemical on the front of the second sheet, when you write on the first sheet the impression makes the two chemicals react to one another.

Does it matter what size the stub is on my form?

No, but it needs to be at least 1/2" maximum 3/4". Our standard is 3/4" .

Can you print Carbonless Books in a non standard paper sequence?

Yes we can. There is an upcharge depending on the colors chosen.

Is there an extra charge for changes between parts within a Carbonless Book?

Yes, only because we will need additional plates to print the forms. 

I do not want the printing on the backside of my Carbonless Book pages to show through to the front, what do I do ?

We can screen the type back 30%. If the type is unreadable once screened we would recommend printing in solid black and print on 20lb papers.

What is red crash numbering?

Crash numbering is numbering that is placed on NCR carbonless forms by impacting with a numbering head after the forms are printed. The number prints in red on the first part of the form , then carbonless imaged on the parts below.


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Carbonless book construction video.


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500$ 104.30
800$ 118.45
1000$ 154.50
1250$ 176.50
1500$ 199.56
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